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Who needs a bungee cord?
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There are more tales of my three brothers
on the REMEMBER THE TIME WE SITE, under favorite links above.
Check them out,  were all brothers like mine?


How did I get on this subject? What was I talking about?

Oh, Yes. Sunday outings. I really did have to look back to the previous page to see what I was talking about. Does anyone else have to do that?

Would you admit it?

Did you ever jump off a bridge onto the river bottom?

No water. Just HARD, unrelenting, BRICK-like SAND!

Well, let me tell you about my big brother! He is a story!

Forty-five years ago? Oh, brother! Why would he remember that song after all this time? Was I that good? Or that bad?


They weren't sissies in those days. If you were going to jump, JUMP! There was no such thing as a bungee rope!

I don't think my brother actually meant to jump off that bridge. He was standing up there yelling things at us who were down on the sand. He was standing on the railing, Doing a Tarzan imitation. Beating his chest and ah ooh ah'ing. The railing was probably as wide as a mans' hand.

He had PLENTY of room, he thought. Anyway, he yelled at us to look at him.

I looked up and saw what he was doing.

I yelled at him "DON'T JUMP! "

But he did. 

He admitted later he didn't jump. Not on purpose.

He tried to laugh about it then. He tries to laugh now, but he hasn't waited long enough. It hurt.

He said it was my fault. If I hadn't yelled at him and scared him, he wouldn't have fell.

That doesn't sound logical to me.  I told him NOT to jump!

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