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I Just Want To Be Me

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Taking a break from work

I don't know where these words came from.  I'd guess from  the sub-consious of a woman who had too much time on her hands.


I decided to build a site so I could put my (musings?) is that what they are called?  up for all to see.  I know I am not the only one with these distorted points of view.  I used to hide it too, just like you.
Please visit my home page and some of my pages listed above on the menu bar.  There is some funny stuff there, IMHO.   See, I'm even learning the lingo. My pages are all family friendly, and they will stay that way.
I am a grandma who loves the internet, making web pages, collecting webrings, and hoping somebody will sign my guestbook(s).
I collect hit counters, guestbooks, and cookie jars. I came across a 'Real McCoy Mammie' jar and it was free, just like my WebRings.

I was born in the great city of Mena, Ark. Everyone knows where that is.  Didn't live there long tho.  I know my Grandpa had a grocery store there.  That's all I know about it.
I have a picture of him in his wagon, pulled by mules.  His store items were carried house to house for sale and trade.  He had several stores, the last one being in Mena, Ark.
I grew up in the Central Valley of  California.  Lemoore, Island District, Hanford.
The Valley of Fog all winter, and heat all summer.  If you want change, you travel two hours west to the beautiful coast.  Or, two (or less) hours East to the great scenic mountains of the Sierras. 


 been there, done that
This is me  

Are you a front door or back door person?
I am personally a back door person.
If you don't know what I mean, you are a front door person.
Are you a living room, sofa type, or a kitchen table type?
I am the kitchen table type.
Again, if you don't understand what I am talking about, you are the sofa type.
Are you a bottle of beer or champagne drinker?
I am a coffee drinker.  If I drank stronger drink, it would be beer, but I don't dare,
'cause then I would think I could sing.