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I used to dream about the time my children would all be grown and married.  I would have the house all to myself. I would have an extra bedroom for my company, if I ever had any.  I would have a sewing room or an office that belonged to me.  I would know where everything was. 
 Everything would be in its place. The house would stay clean.  I would have to do laundry only once a week.  Oh, sweet dreams.  We do have our fantasies, don't we?
Well, the oldest married and left home.  It's a good start.  My second did the same.  My third said he liked to live at home.  Thought he may stay for a few more years.  My fourth married and things were looking up.  All right!  By the time my fifth and last child married and left home, my fourth moved back in with his wife and baby. 
Now that was the sweetest baby you could ever see.  She didn't like me though.  She cried whenever I held her.  She cried when I didn't hold her.  She cried in daytime and the night.  Colic, they were told.  She'll be better when she turns two months old. 
Yeah Doc, but I think it is contagious, I seem to have caught it.  And I had lost my sewing-office room too.
Well, they finally got it together and moved out, again.  Things were moving along pretty well.  My second had given me my first grandson.  He was wonderful!  He liked me!  I loved to keep him for the few hours his mother left him with me.  She always picked him up when she said she would, and he never spent the night after giving it a try once.  (Mom forgot to bring his blankie and we both mourned it all through the long, long night.)  A perfect child.
I enjoyed taking him and Miss Colic places when they were a few years old.  They always went home when the day was over.  Things weren't too bad then.  I still had number three at home, but he had met a likely match and I had hopes.  Yes!  Number three is married!  They got their own house and everything! 
Is everbody gone?  I don't remember.  Let's see now.  Yes, I believe they are all gone.  By this time, Number Five had a daughter.  He married a step-son when he married his wife.  So, there are two more grandkids to eat my ice cream and cookies.
Now those kids dearly love their Grandma!  They would spend everyday with me if they could.  They love to spend the night too.  My extra bedroom that I was going to redecorate for company is now the play-bedroom for the grandkids. 
Number Four, the father of Miss Colic, now has a son to be proud of.  He likes to visit Grandma when his Mom and Dad have to go out for dinner or things.  They have to do something they would really rather not have to do every week.  Remember, they have two children.  They would rather take the children, but you know, the children would have much more fun with Grandma. 
Yes, in a restaurant they would have to sit still and talk quietly.  That's no fun.
After a few years of this,  Number Three gave me another grand-daughter.  Oh, isn't she sweet!  And doesn't she have good lungs!  A couple of years later, bet you can't guess. a new grand-son from Number Three.
a baby boy from number two.
he's a BOOMER!
Another NEWS FLASH!   
Any guesses?  Number 5, another boy child  7-24-02.
This is it! 

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