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Scraps of Me
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A little Bit of me.

Bits and Pieces

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

To be a Cheapskate might be a matter of choice, or it may be required by the economy or circumstances.   In my case, it's a little bit of both.
I become aggravated when I don't have the money to buy what I need, but I usually find I manage without it.  The worst is not being able to get my grandchildren 'stuff'.   That hurts.
I've learned though, through my shortages of finances to 'make do' and 'get by'.  I learned the words from my mother, and they've served me well through the years. 
Here are some of the ways I've practiced and gotten pretty good at being a real, bona-fide Cheapskate. 
I can be proud.  Damn - I'm good!


It all depends upon your outlook and your attitude.  Mine becomes tarnished over time, and I have to slow down to clear my mind of negativity and allow the positive vibes to shine again. They always return as good as new.