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Gotta Dream?

Don't you hate to visit when the owner has a 'last updated' date up there that is three or four years old? I do, and I've seen this date and wanted to spit! I have updated since 2003, I promise. I need to get one of those 'last updated' gizmo's that tell the truth. One that belongs to the right political party - like me.

Nov. 8, 2003

I haven't updated this page in so long I'm surprised you're still visiting, but I'm glad you are.

 It's kinda like cleaning house, I put it off for too long, and then it becomes a major chore.  I have spider webs hanging low,   so I swipe at them with a sheet of paper, and keep going.

That ain't being lazy, is it? I like to think of it as 'being creative'.

Anyway, I have been very busy writing new short, short stories to shove in my family and friends faces and ask humbly for them to read.  They assure me they will, "When I get home."  Un huh.

I guess I'm like the grandma  that carries all the pics of her grandkids around with her, and people start to grind their teeth when they see her reach for her bag.