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Well, I finally did it! I got a computer. THEY said I couldn't do without it. THEY said, a computer is to a typewriter as a Cadillac is to a Model A. I wonder. Do THEY know anything about antique cars? I know I don't know anything about computers and today I lost my work.

You don't lose your work on a typewriter. Its always there, right where you left it. You may have coffee stains on the paper, but at least you can look at it whenever you want to. It doesn't run and hide when you turn the machine off. You don't have to worry about saving it!

I think my husband may resent the computer.  He didn't mind me writing on the typewriter, but he doesn't seem to like the computer.  I wonder if it's because I don't stop and make biscuits and gravy like I used to? 

This web stuff is addicting I think.  I keep searching and searching for something. I'll know for what when I find it.

Well, it surely is a challenge. I was wanting something to do to take up my time. It's sure not boring. This may be the answer all right. Computer storage is great until I try to look up something. I forget where I put it and it refuses to give it to me until I remember the title. I don't know what the titles are. I probably forgot to give it a title,  I thought that was the computer's job.

I never know what the story is about until I write it, do I? How can I give it a title?  I'm not finished with it yet, I'm only stopping for awhile.  The typewriter lets me stop whenever I want to without messing with my stuff!  This is a backwards way of writing.