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Do you remember the time you were learning to drive?

I remember Daddy teaching me to drive. I don't know what kind of car we had, but it had a lever under the dash that he called the choke.

I remember him telling mama that I could stop on a dime! I understood that to be good. I guided it down the road anyway. Mama didn't look like she was having much fun though.

Another time I was having a lesson at home, all by myself.  Somehow I backed up when I was supposed to go forward.  Kind of zigged when I should have zagged, you know. Yeah, you've been there.  Anyway, I rammed into the house.  Backwards!  It sure surprised me, and  Mama didn't think that was very funny either.

Funny, I just thought of something.  I don't remember any more driving lessons.

Do you remember the car you used to have? The one you had to crank to start? I remember poor Mama cranking on that thing for the longest time, and it just wouldn't start.

When I think of the cars we had then, I always think of how they smelled. I can still smell them if I think about it. A special smell they had. I know now it was probably carbon monoxide. Isn't that what its called? The stuff that comes from the exhaust pipes that makes you sleepy? Probably why we kids always went to sleep when we were in the car awhile.