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These memories were made in the San Joaquin Valley in California.  The river named is the Kings River, branched off the San Joaquin River,  back when it flowed and before the huge, old oaks were all cut down to be replaced by--nothing.

The Rick, Mac and Luke stories are based on fact.  I took some liberty in the dialogue because I wasn't always there when these things happened.  These events took place in the late forties and early fifties.  A long time ago.   These boys are my brothers; their names have been altered.

We were river rats. The river was our back yard.  We went 'up the river without a paddle' plenty of times.  Rafts were made and discarded daily.  Jumping from bridges was done in several imaginative ways.  As in 'Bungee Cord' and  'Hold On',  ropes, old boards, rotten logs, the bank and bridges--long walks home, near drownings, fishing hooks caught in flesh, being chased by a 1000 lb. bull in one direction, chasing a 200 lb. pig in the other direction were simply objects that grew imagination and taught lessons of life to country kids.

These aren't all up here yet, but they will be. 

I will write on this site whatever occurs to me.  When the spirit moves me.   Give me some time  I am new at this stuff.   I hope it is never finished.

I may not remember what happened last week, but long ago is always with me.



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