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I asked my brother this question.  I left his answer as he wrote it, unedited.    
(from Lee:)
We were living at the weir and and had a sunday off - daddy loaded all of us in that ol model A that he gave that man who was working for us; was his name Herman?  He lived out in the tack room. 
You, Millard and Fred in the back seat and me in my spot in the back window.
Mama and Daddy had the whole front seat and they were singing "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"  among others. Hank Died New Years Day about 5 or 6 months later.
I remember I was sitting at the kitchen table with daddy like I always did.  Him drinking coffee and watching my paper fire underneath that old model A.  It was my job to go out and start the fire while he was drinking coffee and watching me.  He made me feel big,  I would burn off the fog dampness before he tried to crank it.  Then the news on that old radio broke in to say that Hank Williams was found dead in his back seat New Years morning.
I have never since seen the hurt on daddys face that I did that morning.  That is something that really burned into my memory knowing that even my dad could be hurt.
your brother, Lee