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A day or two? You do not remember the tower we built and the 3 extra rooms with secret exits? Or the times that mama and daddy crawled into what you called a little tunnel?
They did not crawl, they never had to duck their head. They and Ronnie W. parents both came, knocked on our SECRET!!! DOOR, and climbed a ladder down to watch plays that me, Ronnie and Millard put on. 4 grown people sitting comfortably and watching us kids. Memories are what you make them


ANOTHER;  and he actually sent the music!


I thought you  might want this for your (Do You  Remember) page.
And  I dont' care what anyone says - I loved to  listen to you sing.
Your  bro
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make  him
the cutest that I've ever  seen
Give  him two lips like roses and clover
Then tell him that his lo nesome  nights are over.                                          

>From: "Millard :Subject: Kids
>Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 20:56:11 -0500 

>Like you our kids and especially grandkids (the kids can take care of
>themselves)are our primary concern. They are really the best things of our
>lives. I am ambivalent about bragging on them, knowing every other
>grandparent feels the same way. ( They are great kids though.) I'm happy
>that Dave and I can work together and I can hear customers brag on him. And
>(rarely) hear my little old lady customers brag on me to him. I guess if
>Im not going to get rich, this is almost as good. All we can do is the
>best we can. Love you,