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One night my brothers and I were playing outside after dark.   I don't know if we were playing hide and go seek or just running and chasing each other.
My older brother,  Rick,  took off running fast across the back yard. 
Mama had a wire clothes line running across one end of the yard.
You know where I'm going with this, don't you?  You're right!
Right across the neck!  He almost hung himself!
He probably still has the mark, if you look close enough to see.
Another time, this same brother was trying to chip ice.  Mama bought it by the block for our icebox.  He had a chunk of ice in one hand, an ice pick in the other,  trying to chip it while holding it.
You got it already?  you're quick!
Right through the hand!
The icepick had gone through the palm and the point was sticking up on the top of his hand.  It didn't break the skin on top, but you could see the point of the ice pick, maybe an inch!  Well, at least a quarter of an inch.  I was little.  I could definitely see the point.
Well, this happened while he was in the house by himself.  He calmly walked outside to show me his hand.  To me he looked calm, but  I know he was scared.   But he wasn't jumping up and down and crying like I was. 
I tell you, I started hollering for Daddy!
Well, I knew Daddy was in the outhouse.  I didn't want to disturb him but I figured He should know about this.
Daddy came running around to see what was the matter.  He had to pull the icepick out of my brothers hand.  I know it hurt, but it hurt me just as much!
By the way, this is the bungee jumping brother, (another story)  if you haven't already figured that out.