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Allen & Jump Jump & A Happy Ending 






There was a beautiful little girl named EBONY. She had long brown hair, and sparkly brown eyes. She loved to run in the wind, and the leaves of all the big trees would fly as fast as they could, trying to keep up with her.




The birds and bees all loved her, they would sit on her shoulder and whisper in her ear to tell her where all the largest and best berries were.




The flowers waved to her and she would stop and admire all their pretty, bright colors. She never hurt the flowers by picking them, but once in awhile she would find one or two lying in the grass where it had fallen. She would pick these up and take them home to her Mother, who would put them in a vase of water. Her Mother would laugh and hug EBONY, because she loved the flowers too !




Ebony had two handsome brothers. One was BIGGER than EBONY, the other was LITTLER.




The big  brother PATRICK, liked to run in the wind with his dog, whose name was HERE BOY. Sometimes he would ride on HERE BOYS' back. He could go faster than the wind, and he had a lot of fun. But sometimes he would run over EBONYS' flowers, and that made him feel bad.




Allen was the littlest boy. His favorite thing to do was play with his frog. The frog's name was JUMP-JUMP 'cause ALLEN couldn't talk yet, and neither could the frog, but they both were the best jumpers in the WHOLE WORLD ! He would see JUMP-JUMP jump, and that would make him laugh so hard he would fall down and roll around in the grass !




One day, EBONY was running with her birds. PATRICK was riding HERE BOY. Allen was running behind JUMP-JUMP. They could hardly see each other, because the grass was TALL, only their heads were taller than the grass. But, little ALLEN was littler.




PATRICK saw EBONY, and asked her, "Where is ALLEN?" EBONY couldn't see him, so she asked her bird's to find ALLEN. The bird's flew around and started chirping as loud as they could. PATRICK pulled EBONY up behind him onto HERE BOYS' back, .




HERE BOY ran like the wind towards the birds that were chattering and chirping.




Guess what they saw when they got there ! ALLEN had fallen asleep right in the middle of EBONY'S flowers. JUMP-JUMP was sitting right there beside him and was eating all the bugs and spiders that dared to come too close to ALLEN !




PATRICK and EBONY hugged ALLEN and they all laughed and sang and danced because they were so happy. They picked up the flowers that had fallen down and ALL THREE got on HERE BOYS' back and raced the wind back home. They gave the flowers to Mother and she hugged all of them and they all laughed.




When Daddy came home, they all told him of their adventure. He laughed and hugged them too. They took a big bag of birdseed, special chocolate covered flies for JUMP-JUMP, a big steak for HERE BOY, and a picnic basket for themselves. They had a picnic in the back yard, and they all laughed and listened to the wind sing them its song.








                        by Grandma, with love


                             January 17, 1997