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I'm glad you stopped by.  I hope you read some of my stories, and enjoy them.


Little Luke refused to be comforted. Exasperated by his squalling, Mother gave him sympathy and new toys.

The spoiled six-year-old with a loose tooth demanded to be heard. His father heard.  Searching the kitchen drawer for the solution to Luke's misery, he tied one end of the string to the door knob, then summoned Luke.

Luke took one look at the string in Father's hand and knew the game was over. As he opened his mouth to protest such cruelty, father grabbed the opportunity to slip the noose over the offending tooth.

Father slammed the door on his way out.

My stories were written with my grandkids (and a couple of neices) in mind. The names are real, and the stories are real if you have magic in your soul. Can anyone prove that these things cannot happen?

What's New?

3-4-03  -  The Cookie House is being published this month on Jellybean's site.  Yay!