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                       The Cookie House                                  






In a far away land, there lived a little girl whose name was Whitney.   She was a beautiful little girl who could do a lot of things.  Whitney was very smart and very independent.  Whitney had a favorite pet, a big, yellow cat named Rosie..  They did everything together.   Their favorite thing to do was to take long walks all the way around her house.




One day, they walked further than they ever had before.   They walked deep into the forest.  There were trees all around them, so many trees that when Whitney looked up she could see only a little bit of the sky!   The light could not reach the ground through all of the many thick leaves.




She missed the sun.  It wasn't fun to walk in the dark!




"Come here Rosie,   We will go home." decided Whitney with her heart beating fast.




Well, they tried to go home, but they were lost!  They wandered around this tree and that tree and lost their way!  They wandered for a long time.




Finally, Whitney saw a light behind some trees.and stopped. 




"Go that way Rosie, I see a light!  Maybe it's a house!"




So they walked around the trees, always watching the light.   When they arrived, guess what they saw!




A little house.  A very little house!




"The air smells like cookies, Rosie!"




And it should., because the little house was made of cookies.  The roof was shingled with little sugar cookies.  The sidewalk and stepping stones were chocolate cookies!




Whitney saw a sign over the door.  It said "The Cookie House"  Se knew that because it had pictures of cookies, and she could read pictures.




"Oh look, Rosie!"  "Let's go inside!"




Well, Rosie wasn't in any hurry, she didn't like the idea of a house made of cookies.




"I think we better go home Whitney.  I don't like the looks of this house."




Whitney was a very independent girl though, and she said.




"Don't be a scaredy cat Rosie! There's nothing safer than cookies."




So they went into the little cookie house.  Inside was wonderful! Little tables and chairs just the right sizes for little girls and boys!  Even Rosie!




They sat at one of the tables and gazed around the room.  Pictures covered the walls.  Pictures of all the different kinds of cookies in the world!




A lady came into the room and she smiled and asked what kind of cookies they wanted.  She was wearing a little hat and an apron.  




"Let's go Whitney!" Rosie hissed softly.




But Whitney was hungry, she wanted "chocolate chip, please".




They were very good cookies, even Rosie ate one or two.




When they were ready to go, Whitney rose and spoke to the lady.  She told the nice lady how good the cookies were, and 'thank you'.




Meanwhile, Rosie had hurried to the door, wanting to hurry out of there.  Rosie had a bad feeling about this place.  She wished Whitney would hurry!




There was not a doorknob in sight!   Oh my!




"Whitney!", Rosie shouted, "There's no doorknob! We can't get out!"




The lady laughed and laughed!




"No, you can't get out.  You will stay here and work for me." she said.  "You will bake cookies all day.  I need a lot of cookies in my business and it's hard to keep good help way out here."




She laughed again.




Well, you already know Whitney is a very independent little girl.  She told the lady that she would not stay there.




"Rosie and me are going home!.   Anyway I don't think my Mama has shown me how to make cookies yet."




 She walked firmly to the door, with her head held high.  She was not scared!  But she secretly was, a little bit.




But there was no doorknob!




"How can we get out, Rosie?", whispered Whitney. 


Whitney pushed against the door.  It wouldn't budge!


 Rosie pushed against the door.  It still wouldn't budge!




The lady wasn't paying attention to them any more.  She was confident they couldn't get out.  But she didn't know Whitney and Rosie!  They were a team!




Whitney didn't know what they were going to do though.  Rosie took a deep breath and pushed on the door as hard as she could.




The door shook a little bit.




Rosie took a deeper breath and pushed again.  This time the door shook a little more.




Whitney took a deep breath too and together, they both took such big, big breaths that their chests grew big and powerful and they pushed and kicked against the door!



They pushed so hard, that the door flew out, up and away and finally hit a tree and broke into a thousand pieces!




Whitney and Rosie ran as fast as they could through the forest.   When they could see Whitney's house, they stopped to rest. Then they walked on home.




"Where have you been?  What were you doing? Why are there cookie crumbs on your dress?", asked Mama. 


Rosie and Whitney just looked at each other.   "Oh, we met a lady in the forest who gave us some cookies.   But we like your cookies better, Mama.  "We're going to walk closer to home from now on.  The forest is too dark." 


Whitney remembered what she wanted to ask Mama. 


"Mama, do I know how to make cookies?




The Cookie House     ---    February 25, 1997