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"WAKE UP ROSIE! It's here! It's today! Hurry! We have to be busy!
Rosie was Whitney's big, yellow kitty, and her best friend.
Today was Saturday. Finally, Yard Sale Day! Everybody in the neighborhood was going to have a yard sale.
Mama had everything ready for our yard sale. Whitney had everything ready for her sale too.
They had worked hard for a week. Mama had gathered a whole bunch of stuff from the closets and cabinets and the garage.
"We don't need all this STUFF!", mama said.
"Yeah, we don't NEED all this stuff!", Whitney answered.
Rosie and Whitney had taken many things out of the closet. Things that had been in boxes for a long time. It was all Whitney's things from when she was a really little girl.
Whitney had a place on the grass to put all her stuff. She carried it all outside and carefully placed it all in a line. She was going to sell everything and make a LOT of money to put into her Piggy Bank for later.
Whitney took her little chair outside too, like mama did. So she could sit down when she got tired and hot. They put their chairs under the big, old oak tree right by their front porch. It was going to be very hot today. So they needed a shade that would stay put, and not go away.
Whitney and Rosie sat down and waited for the customers.
There were many people walking around from one house to the other, looking at all the stuff.
People came to her house too. The children would look at Whitney's stuff, and sometimes they would buy something.
Mostly though, they just looked at it. Picked up this and that, then put it down and looked at something else. Whitney held her breath when someone looked at something.
"I hope they buy something, Rosie, don't you?"
Except her Rag Doll. Whitney took it back inside the house really quickly when she saw a little girl picking it up!
"That's not for sale!". She'd forgotten that it was her favorite doll.
Sometimes Whitney would go to the other houses and look at their stuff. She bought this and that with her money. When she didn't have any more money, she went back to her house and sat in her chair again.
Rosie was sitting on the table right beside Whitney's money box, so she could see everything. She saw Whitney taking her money out of the box and running next door and coming back with stuff.
 She told Whitney, "You better stop that or I'll tell!"
"Oh Phooey, Rosie, I can if I want to."
Rosie told mama what Whitney was doing though, so mama put a stop to that!
Mama said, "If you keep buying more stuff, you won't have room for it. You are supposed to put your money in your Piggy Bank, remember?"
Whitney got a little mad at Rosie for being a tattle tale, but not for long.
After a long time, she and mama gathered up the stuff they still had. They put everything into boxes and bags. They were all very tired. It had been a very long day.
"I'm going to bed Whitney," said Rosie.
"Me too, Rosie. We are tired aren't we?"
"I'm lucky I found my stuff. I forgot I had all of it."
Tomorrow I will put it all back on the shelves.
"I hope mama don't want to Yard Sale again for a long time. I might sell something IMPORTANT!"
"Good night, Whitney."
"Good night Rosie."
"What are we going to do tomorrow Rosie?"
"What are we going to do tomorrow, I said."
But Rosie was fast asleep.