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“Yeah, Joanie, I told her I couldn’t babysit next Saturday. If you want the job, you’re welcome to it. By the time I cleaned up the mess those kids made, I was ready to quit."

"You know that new CD I bought yesterday? Well, just wait till you hear what happened to it! I was fixing the kids a snack and I noticed they were going through my bag. I yelled at them to leave my stuff alone, but you know kids; they don't listen. They took my bag out to the back porch and dumped it and the contents of the Rubbermaid tote onto the floor."

"What? Why? Oh, they decided they wanted to paint. Their water paints are kept in the tote. Anyway, by the time I had their snack ready and went out to get them, they had the garbage can knocked over too! Of course I flipped out! What do you think? Have you ever had to pick up garbage? Yuck! Egg shells mixed with lemon pie. Wet and yucky bread wrappers! I can still feel the gook on my hands."

"After cleaning them up, I told them to sit at the table and not move--just eat their lunch. The mess had to be cleaned before Mrs. Morris got home."

"What? Well, I’m telling you about the CD, just listen to me a minute. While I was picking up this stuff, I saw my new CD! It was covered with slime. Gross!"

"Joanie, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, yeah, they are three-year-old twins. Real cute kids. If you want the job, you got it. I gotta go take another shower.”

Prompt Contest: (won 2nd place)
CD, garbage can, Rubbermaid tote
Situation - making a phone call