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By two o’clock, the sky was dark and the storm clouds were building fast. The wind caused the thick, black clouds to swirl menacingly close. Thunder was rumbling directly overhead with lightning streaking in the distance.

“Jimmy is supposed to be here at three o’clock. We were going to drive out to the lake for dinner.” Margie, worried, spoke to her roommate as she listened to the thunder dying away. “I fear this weather isn’t going to let us keep our date. I hope he didn’t leave already.”

“why don’t you give him a call--tell him not to come?” answered Laura.

“I did, he doesn’t answer.”

"Let's have a cup of cocoa while we wait.  Cocoa and storms were made for each other."

Jimmy drove toward town using the old one lane road to save a few miles. He kept a watchful eye on the sky, knowing the storms at this time of the year could be very dangerous. He knew he shouldn’t be out here, but he was, so the only thing to do was go on to Margie’s house. They would wait out the storm together.

In that instant the clouds burst, rain falling so hard and fast Jimmy could only hope he stayed on the road; then the hail began. Up ahead, Jimmy saw something alongside the road. A kid! He was on a bicycle, pedaling as hard as he could. Jimmy stopped to give him a ride.

“Whew! Thanks a lot, mister.” He cried as he tossed the bike against the fence.

“It’s okay buddy, show me where you live, I’ll take you home.”

“About a mile down the road, not far. Thanks. This is going to be some storm!”

"He,he, you're half right.  It's already some storm!"

Jimmy dropped the boy off at his house, and eased back onto the road. The hail had stopped, but the rain was still fierce. The wipers were not able to keep up with it.

Jimmy finally saw the intersection ahead that would take him to the main road. Relieved that he didn’t have far to go, he tried to relax, then he spotted the car across the street. It was parked with an older couple inside. Jimmy could see their worried faces as they looked out at him. They had a flat tire. Pulling alongside their car, he rolled his window halfway down, letting the rain pour in.

“Can I help?” He yelled above the noise of the thunder.

“I have a flat, but I can’t find the crowbar, or whatever it's called.” The man yelled back. “I can’t change a tire in this storm, anyway.”

“It’s too dangerous for you to stay here, let me take you into town, and you can catch a cab to take you home.”

So, grabbing their umbrellas, they jumped into the car with Jimmy.

“Thank you very much, young man, we had no idea the storm was going to get so

bad, or we would have stayed home."

Jimmy drove them to a taxi stand, praying there would be a cab there. There was, but when the couple got into it they were told cash only, no credit cards. Jimmy noticed their fallen faces, and again asked if he could help.

He finally arrived at Margie’s, late and with an empty wallet, but he had made it

with no mishaps.

Margie was so relieved to see him safe and sound that her fear dissolved and anger took its place. "About time."

Jimmy explained why he was late, and she remembered what she loved most about him--his kind and generous nature.  A warm smile erased the frown she wore, "I should have known."  

She said as her arms uncrossed to wrap themselves around his shoulders.

Prompt Contest--Won first place
 prompt - Objects - Crowbar - Bicycle -and Empty wallet

Situation - Late for a date