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The Pace Family is qualified for membership in the :


{A)  Jamestown Society


(B)  First Families of Virginia


(C)  Son's or Daughter's of the American Revolution


      (S.A.R. and D.A.R.) through Silas Pace Sr.

I am putting together this page for my brother,  the genealogy searcher in the family.


He has put in years of time, trouble and expense in his endeavors.


His siblings have appreciated his great efforts.


This is the page to put in the personal stories that you just can't see in a list of names and birth dates.


Lee, Thank You. 


Some of you young folks may not realize it, but one day you will wish you had asked more questions of your older relatives when you had the chance.


I know I do.


You could record their stories.  Every family has stories to tell if you would only learn to listen.


Start writing!