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The summer my wife Mary,my daughter Kathryn, and I drove cross country to see the Capitol and other sites of history.

From: Palmer Lee Pace

Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 4:53 PM

Subject: Pace Family

Kathryn and I stood outside the rope ring where they were excavating Jamestown when they unearthed this thimble.

It was a miserable overcast rainy day but it was well worth it to see where our original pappy Pace came from. That thimble might have belonged to ol Granny Isabelle Smythe Pace.

I kind of doubt - tho it is very possible - they lived there for a few months after that 1622 massacre.

I guess there is as much chance of it being hers as anyone elses.

But I would bet everything that if she could somehow be alive today she would be able to identify who it belonged too.

There were still about 50 men to one woman at that time.

Love BB