This site is about the importance of feedback for your endeavors--and overcoming the fear of putting it out there.

Whether it's dreaming of e-shops to showcase your creations or special skill to earn money, or just setting up a personal web site for your enjoyment--your main goal is to be successful. Most of us want or need a loyal audience that returns often and lets us know they enjoy what they see.

Learning the basics of your craft through feedback is important if you hope to have your internet presence enjoyed by anyone but you.

Even if your site has nothing to do with 'writing', it will be the 'writing' describing the service that determines the visitor's first impression of your goods, and whether they look beyond the introduction page.

Opening an e-business site is exciting and we're in a such a hurry to get it into the search engines that we don't do much more than a cursory spell-check or eye-ball view for errors of grammar.  More attention is paid to colors and layouts than to the writing.  The result may be a page with errors that prospective customers will notice.   A bad first page impression will cause mistrust in the business as a whole.

Writers who want to publish their work for profit must also make a good first impression.  Making money from fiction writing greatly depends upon repeat and word-of-mouth customers.  Selling to a few friends and family simply will not produce a continuing income.

Many writers want to publish their novel in its first draft stage. They don't like getting feedback that suggests rewriting because they believe their work is already good enough. When it's rejected by legitimate publishers they immediately search out self publishing.  

Other writers aren't writing to make money. They only want to have their writing bound inside a hard cover and imprinted with their name and title. Either for their ego or to preserve their family history.  They tend to think feedback isn't necessary if the work is personal, believing rewrites means changing events.

My articles were written with the amateur fiction writer in mind, but they apply to writing in general.  I'll attempt to explain why rewriting is so important to the final product, no matter what that may be, and they are easy to understand and put into practice.  I don't address everything you need to know, but I hope to give you a good, basic starting point.

e-dreamers have many reasons for being online, but at the top of the list is to be noticed, remembered, having their links shared and receiving good feedback.

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