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The First Day of Spring Parade

Farmer Jack walked out to his front porch and looked around at his farm. He smiled at all he saw. 
The sun was coming up, making the ponds sparkle and glitter.  It shone on the grass in the field, like diamonds tossed as dew.  Farmer Jack sat in his chair facing all this, and drank his glass of orange juice.  Just like he did every morning.
But this morning was different. It was the first day of Spring.
"Wake up, hurry and go wash your faces." said Molly Duck, to her ducklings.  "Joey, you and  Jenny watch your little brothers and sisters, and don't tease them. After breakfast, put your new clothes on, we must be quick, the parade starts at 8:00."
The cows and horses were in the field, eating their breakfasts. 
Dusty, the year old pony, was complaining again.
"But why can't I have sugar on my shredded wheat, mama?"
"I have told you, Dusty, sugar is not good for your teeth. If you are finished eating, go put on your new spring hat and shirt.  We don't want to be late to your first Spring Parade."
Dusty ran off kicking up his heels, looking for his friend, Penny.  He saw her standing by her mother.  She was wearing a big straw hat, which had flowers sticking out of the top.  A lot of flowers.
Mrs. Davis, Dusty's mother, placed her beautiful, red, straw hat on her head, then looked around for her neighbors, Mrs. Orton and Mrs. Willis.
"Are you ready for the Spring Parade?" she asked them.
"Oh my, yes I am. The Winter has lasted too long this year." mooed Mrs. Orton.
"What a beautiful hat, Mrs. Davis." Mrs. Willis added.

"Why, thank you dear.  Your hat is quite lovely too, and yours, Mrs. Orton." 
I certainly hope everyone is ready.  Here comes Dolly Duck.  I believe the parade is about to start." Mrs. Willis observed, looking around.
"Quack! Quack!  Attention everyone.  Come on now, children.  Line up straight.  The smallest will go to the front of the line.  Everyone looks so nice! Oh, look at Pinky Pig's children.  Don't they look nice with the pink bows on their necks, and their tiny pink hats?"
"Did anyone notice if Farmer Jack was out yet?" whinnied John Stallion.
"Yes, he came out as usual this morning. He is sitting on his porch." clucked Mrs. Red Hen.
"Just look at the Peacock family!  Aren't they beautiful?"
"Quack!  Everyone be quiet now. It's time.  Now, we will start behind the barn, march in front of Farmer Jack's house, and then circle around the pond.  From there we march back to the barn, ending when we reach the starting point, all clear?"
"Dolly, I think we know the route. It is the same every Spring."  mooed Mrs. Willis.
"Well, we do have some new ones in the group, Bertha.  It never does harm to make sure of your plans."
All the animals lined up in order of their sizes.
The Parade had begun. The music was made from the noises the animals made. Quacking, honking, whinnying, mooing, oinking, clucking, chirping, barking, meowing, bleating.  Croaker was hopping along behind, croaking.  It was a beautiful band.
Farmer Jack heard them coming, and laughed.  He loved spring.  Especially the First day of Spring Parade.