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This story was written for the 5-minute tale contest at

"No, I am not going back up that hill with you, and that is final." said Jill.  "You don't listen.  I told you not to run.  You go fill the bucket again, and hurry!   Mama is waiting for this water."

"Well, you were running with me," sobbed Jack, embarrassed at his tears.  "It's your fault too.   The hill is too far to go get water anyway.  How come we can't get a stream to go by our house?"

"Jack, please stop crying and go fill the bucket again.  I will wait right here for you."

So Jack ran back up the hill.  This time he walked down and didn't spill a drop.

Jill was gone.  "Jill, where are you?"  Jack called as loudly as he could, being out of breath such as he was.  Then he saw her in the field with that silly girl who keeps losing her sheep.

"Jill, come on, we have to go, Mama's  waiting."

"Jack, come and help us find Bo Peeps' sheep.  They are gone again."

"Leave them alone, they'll go home pretty soon.  I'm going home, and you have to come with me."  Jill didn't come though, so Jack set the bucket of water down, and walked over to the girls.

"Ok, which way did they go?" he sighed.  "Probably over there where the wall is broken down.  Humpty Dumpty Jr. hasn't gotten around to fixing it yet."

All three walked over to look through the broken wall.  There they were, Little Bo Peep's sheep. Fifty sheep, scattered  all over the field!

"Jill, we don't have time to do this, Mama's waiting.  Let's go, they'll be ok, you know they always go home."

"Jack, shame on you.  We have to help Bo, she'll get into trouble if she looses the sheep again."

"Yeah, and I will get into trouble if we don't get this water to mama!  You will too, cause I'll tell her it was your fault!"

"Ooh, Jack, you make me so mad!  Come on, let's get the sheep, then we can go home."

"You make me mad too, Jill. When your face get's red like that, I always get into trouble.  Ok, let's find them, but you better tell mama why we're late.  Promise?"

"Of course I promise, come on."

Jill skipped off to join Bo at the wall, leaving Jack looking uncertain. Both of them knowing she had once again won the argument.

They walked behind the sheep and began the task of getting them back through the hole in the wall.  It wasn't easy.  The front sheep would wander off, and the others would follow it.

"Jill, stay up there by the wall, make them go through!  Geez! Girls can't do anything right."

After herding the sheep back out through the broken wall, Jack and Jill picked up the bucket of water and started home.  Jack was thinking about water.  How could he make a stream go by their house?  Jack noticed the trail as they walked along.  They had walked it so many times, they had worn the earth away.  It was a ditch, small yes, but still a ditch.  If we dug at the pond so the water would go down this ditch, we would have a stream! 

Excited he ran to Old Mother Hubbard's house.  He needed help.

"Come on, help me dig the ditch and none of us will have to run up that ole hill again."

 So all the Hubbard children, except the tiniest, grabbed a spade or spoon, or anything they could find, and all ran up the hill. They attacked the ditch as they would a new game.  Dirt was flying.  The little kids got it in their eyes, and began to cry.  No one payed much attention to them though, so they soon joined back in.

The boys soon had a good hunk cut out of the pond bank, so the water ran out, and began to run down the ditch.  The kids that were digging lower on the hill jumped out of the ditch as the water slowly descended.

"On Boy!, said Jack. I knew this would work." 

Everyone ran down the hill, rejoicing over the water.  It was a stream, a real stream!  When they got to the bottom, all stood and watched the water come slowly down.  It was muddy, but Jack knew it would clear.  When the water finally reached the bottom, it stopped for a minute.  The ditch filled, then it began running out the end.  The water was flooding the yard!  Everyone starting shouting, Stop it! Build up the end!  Throw dirt on it!

Jack was devastated.  He'd learned a lesson.  He's gonna have to dig a bigger hole at the bottom.