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Once upon a time;
There was a small handsome Prince named PATRICK.

He lived in a big castle, and had almost everything he needed, but he was still sad.

PATRICK was sad because he had no one to play with. He was lonely. He didn't even have a pet.

One day, He was walking in the forest behind the castle, He was just walking along, kicking the leaves and watching the way the sun sparkled through the trees .

Then, he heard someone crying. When he looked behind a tree, he saw a big dog.

"Why are you crying? " He asked the dog.

The dog JUMPED. He hadn't heard PATRICK walk up to him, and he was startled. He tried to stop crying, because he didn't want this big boy to think he was a BABY.

PATRICK sat beside the dog and patted his head. It made the dog feel better.

"Why were you crying? " Asked PATRICK again.

'Cause a wicked, mean, ol' WITCH played a trick on me, and changed me into a dog. The witch was JEALOUS. I used to be a beautiful, strong horse, as fast as the wind. I could run swifter than anyone. It made her mad when she saw that I was faster then HER on her 'ol broom!

She yelled and swept around and told me she was going to turn me into a dog. A dog with one shorter leg so I could not run very fast. She made my hair all these different colors. Nothing matches!

She told me no one would want an ugly dog. I have to stay a dog until someone wants me like I am. Who would want a ugly ol' dog?"

Well, PATRICK had not ever had a pet. He didn't know if he wanted a dog or not. As for this dog, he was an ugly dog! He thought he would like a horse though. But he felt sorry for the dog. They both needed a friend.

He invited the dog to stay at his castle for awhile. They became friends, and played together in the yard.

DOG was learning how to be a dog, and PATRICK wasn't lonely anymore. But, he knew the dog really missed being a horse.

DOG would remember how it felt when he used to run so fast that he beat the wind, and sometimes he felt sad. PATRICK was sad because the dog was sad. He didn't know what he could do to help though.

They werent sad long though. They were too busy running together down the roads, chasing leaves blowing in the wind. Or rabbits that always ran down into their holes. Birds would stand up on the limbs of the trees and whistle that they couldnt catch them!

A long, long time later, they were walking in the forest, running and playing and chasing squirrels.

They were having so much fun that they didn't see the person at first.

DOG growled, and told PATRICK not to go any further. He said, Look over there, behind that bush,that is the WITCH who changed me into a dog."

PATRICK was scared, but he stepped out to talk to the witch anyway,

"Why did you change him into a dog? PLEASE change him back."

The witch said, "NO! He was too beautiful as a horse, now he is as UGLY as I am. I am faster than he is now.

Only one thing can make him beautiful again, but it is a SECRET and you'll never find out what it is. I think I just might turn YOU into a FROG!"

Now, PATRICK was scared, a little bit, but he was MAD a LOT!!! at that ol' WITCH.

He said that DOG was his friend and he was NOT ugly. He was the BEST dog in the whole world, and you better leave us alone or you'll be SORRY!

We're not AFRAID of any ol' WITCH !

But PATRICK was afraid, a little bit, and DOG was too, but they were VERY BRAVE.

DOG was still growling, and PATRICK picked up a big stick, and they chased that old witch back to her house, where she grabbed her BROOMSTICK, and FLEW AWAY as FAST as she could!

PATRICK and DOG laughed and laughed. Then a WONDERFUL thing happened! DOG became a BEAUTIFUL HORSE !

PATRICK jumped upon his back, and the horse ran so very fast! Pretty soon they were flying !

They flew over the trees, and PATRICK could see his castle far away.

"How did you change back into a horse asked PATRICK.

YOU did it, PATRICK ! You changed me back ! You loved me when I was ugly. You loved me, and didn't care if I wasn't beautiful ! THAT WAS THE SECRET!!

I love you horse; what is your name ?

I don't have a name yet, I'm waiting for you to give me one. I belong to you now.

What's my name, Patrick?

January 17, 1997

Written by Patrick's Grandma, especially for him.

Copyright © 2002 critin Silkwood. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2002 critin Silkwood. All Rights Reserved