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I am a grandmother who wrote a quick story for a little grandaughter, and all the other kids all wanted a story too! 
They didn't have to ask twice!  I don't need a lot of coaxing, it is a lot of fun.
Sometimes, I think of things my own children did, or things that I did. 

I was born in Mena, Ark.  Raised in the San Joaquin Valley, smack in the middle of Calif.  I went to high school in Lemoore and Fresno. Island Elem. school.  It was called the Island District because the River surrounded the area.  it was an island.  Little country school with the big bell right out in the front yard.  They had to ring it by pulling on the rope.  I loved that school. 

I am the only girl in the family.  My three brothers are the source of the Rick stories.  

Our parents were working people who worked hard.  Dad worked at his jobs, and Mama would help by picking and hoeing cotton, and anything else she could.

They had fun too.  They loved to sing together, especially as we were going somewhere in the car.  Daddy could pluck on the guitar and get tunes out of it.  I thought he was the greatest.  I still do.

The other stories are of my grandkids. Isn't it strange I have no stories of my own children? There must be a psychological reason for that. We place the past on a pedestal and the future is our hope. The present is too close - maybe?

Anyway, we learned to enjoy reading at very early ages.  We also listened to the weekly stories on the radio.  My older brother, Rick, would try to scare me by whistling the old 'Whistler' tune in the dark.  It always worked.

I haven't changed much.  Not in the things I enjoy, anyway.

I hope you enjoy the stories.   Thanks for checking them out.


Taking a break from work

What a job!

Isn't life wonderful?

I am a mother with five kids.  One daughter, four sons.
They are all grown now of course, but I remember the early years.  I have wonderful memories.
I have always tried to give the grandkids good memories of the times when they visit.  Memories are what we are left with in the end.