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I remember Mama
Stop Laughing!
Rick, Mac and the Bull
Rick and The Run-A-Way-Pig
Hank Williams
Hey! look at me!!
Sunday drives
Drive-In movies
Diving In
Remember doing this?
Tunnel Vision
Or This?
Hold on little brother!!
Bungee Cord
Soda Pop
Driving Lessons
A Long walk home

A Long Walk Home
When we lived on the river, we always had rafts.  They are wonderful. 
No such things are possible anymore.
One day, my brothers decided to take a trip up the river.  Well, they got on the raft and took off.  It was a great day.  the water was flowing just right.
They were just floating along, having a great time, until they saw the bridge coming up.  They were at the highway!  At least  five miles from home!
They would have gone all the way to the coast if the highway  ran the same way as the river, instead of crossing it.
They decided he had better turn around and go home. 
But they forgot something.  Have you figured it out yet?
Yeah.  He forgot the water only flowed one way.
It was a long walk home.   No one ever asked what it meant to BE UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE!
Shoveling the Dirt
My other two brothers dug a tunnel one time.  A neighbor boy helped them.  They were going to build an underground club house.  Or go to China, they didn't really care which.
Well, they dug and they worked.  They worked and they hauled dirt.  Almost finished!
It was pretty large actually.  They could get down in there and sit around and brag about making their own cave!  They played in it a day or two.
The cave caved in.
They were in it.
No.  they didn't spend much time with the neighbor boy after that. 
His mother, you know.
A Correction from someone who should know::IS also ON THE MAIL RECEIVED PAGE
You said that you do not mind having corrections well here is another
A day ot two?  You do not remember the tower we built and the 3 extra rooms with secret exits,
Or the times that mama and daddy crawled into what you called a little tunnel. 
They did not crawl. they never had to duck their head. 
They and Ronnie Wedderburn's (sp) parents both came , knocked on our secret door and climbed a ladder down to watch plays that me, Ronnie  and Millard put on,
4 grown people sitting comfortably and watching us kids.
Memories are what you make them
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