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Stop Laughing!
Rick, Mac and the Bull
Rick and The Run-A-Way-Pig
Hank Williams
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Diving In
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Driving Lessons
Diving In

Fred, Millard & Lee Pace

Another memory for "Do you Remember When"

On the sand, down from the weir, where you could find any of us Pace children, day or night - it wasn't to hard to slip out. but, what I am going to try to describe here was broad daylight and perfectly normal (for us) {Aunt Mamie would have had a fit}.

Us Pace boy's (sorry, don't remember if you were there Ditter, you were probably helping mama with laundry or something - girls work-) were playing on the sand bank (pure white sand) of King's River.

My big brother Fred see's a BIG washed up log on the bank. He has a GOOD Idea. He's going to make us a diving board !! - just like they got at the new swimming pool in Lemoore.

Well, he send's his other little brother (Millard) down the levee to where he remembered seeing a good piece of lumber thrown away.

All this time, I'm just splashing & playing (and not eating TOO much sand) otherwise, just enjoying life - not knowing what my BIG brothers had planned for me.

Well, with no more said, they put that board over that log, had me try it first, BECAUSE I was younger and it wouldn't be fair of them to take advantage of me. Let women and children go first (AS all gentlemen do).

SO, I went first. That rotten board broke as soon as I walked past that rotten log, , the log or bank side in caught me under the neck and the last thing I remember is Fred and Millard laughing about how funny I looked because I could barely keep my toes to the ground.

I never thought it was that funny.

Your brother

Palmer Lee Pace

November 02, 2002

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