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I remember Mama
Stop Laughing!
Rick, Mac and the Bull
Rick and The Run-A-Way-Pig
Hank Williams
Hey! look at me!!
Sunday drives
Drive-In movies
Diving In
Remember doing this?
Tunnel Vision
Or This?
Hold on little brother!!
Bungee Cord
Soda Pop
Driving Lessons
Sunday drives

Sometimes I wonder if  other families spent  their day out like we did. I always enjoyed the way we  spent our  Sundays.

My  kids, some of them,  anyway, would rather spend the day with their  friends than with their family.  After they became teenagers that  is.
So did we, by then, I  guess.  When you are very young, you love to be with your mama and daddy,  even  brothers and sisters. I don"t have a sister though; only  three  brothers.
Anyway,  we would go for  drives. Daddy would just drive along on the country  roads. Going nowhere, but we  didn't care, it was fun.
I can't remember seeing  any other traffic.  I wonder what other families did?
We would drive, stop at a  grocery store, pick  up baloney, bread and soda pops, then find a shade tree and  have  a picnic.
Usually,  as we were  driving, Daddy and Mama would sing together. I wish  I knew the words now. I  remember them as being very good!
Mama, especially. Sorry  Daddy. I remember  mama singing by herself. I don't think Daddy sang by himself.  He  sounded good with mama though.
I  could never carry a  tune, although I surely tried! A lot!
One of my brothers still  remembers the name  of the song he heard me trying to sing. He thinks now it was  my  favorite. He says it must have been. I was singing it all the  time!
I told him no, it was not  my favorite. Not  now and not then.
It  just happened to be  popular at the time, and I was trying to learn  to sing. I picked that one because  it was easy to remember.

'Mr. Sandman' You can't  sing if you don't  know the words, can you? I can't.
Whoa! He remembers that  song? That was forty,  forty-five years ago. It really must have made an  impression on  him!
When my  kids were little,  and we were going somewhere in the car, I would  try to sing like mama used to.  Maybe that's why they don't go  with us anymore? Well---
My  brothers all have  musical talent. Guitars. They can carry a tune  too. They can sing, and they get  better as the night wears on.
I never get any better  though I always wanted  to sing. Still do as a matter of fact. But I have  accepted that I will never remember all the words, even if they were written on a paper bag.

My brother actually e-mailed me the words and music to "MR SANDMAN"!   Just this year! 
  He's into Geneology.  Everyone knows that those people are all obsessed to bringing the past back to life.

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