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I remember Mama
Stop Laughing!
Rick, Mac and the Bull
Rick and The Run-A-Way-Pig
Hank Williams
Hey! look at me!!
Sunday drives
Drive-In movies
Diving In
Remember doing this?
Tunnel Vision
Or This?
Hold on little brother!!
Bungee Cord
Soda Pop
Driving Lessons

Shhh! The show's on!


We used to go the Drive-In movie. Not inside, just to.  We would park outside by the fence as close as possible, so we could hear the sound.   Dad would climb over the six or nine-foot wooden fence to turn the speakers up as loud as they would go..

I remember the night my youngest brother was born. Mama was in labor. We kids didn't know that, but she was.  We went to the drive-in that night. The hospital was only a mile or two straight down the road from the drive-in. Our house was maybe ten or fifteen miles away. I know that now. They wanted to be close, and not have to get us up when it was time to go.

Daddy and Mama just said we were going to the show, if they told us anything. So we sat outside the fence and watched the movie. Mama brought quilts because we always went to sleep.

Well, we went to sleep and Mama and Daddy waited until it was time for Mama to go to the hospital. Next day, we had a new brother!

Kids were not allowed in the hospital rooms in those days. I remember standing on the grass and looking up to see Mama in the window. She was waving at us. 

I don't remember being surprised. I think real young children can't be surprised. Now that I think of it, I'm sure I'm right. Everything that happens in their little world is natural to them.  I remember being sleepy, hungry, happy and scared.  I think that's all very young children know. They don't know the difference between being good or being bad. How could they know? They are only good. The bad comes later.