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Off the Usual Path


Addicted to?
Tall Cactus

 I discovered I was indeed addicted, when  I attempted to get help for another problem.  This is the crabbiest Therapist I have ever seen.
Dear Crabby has moved and left no forwarding address!   Does anyone know her where a bouts?
Sorry, this link no longer rings her bell.
But, she will (rather, she used to) answer any questions thrown at her.

submited by esprit 
Dear  Crabby:
I have a habit  I don't want to break. Therein  is the problem. My habit is my computer &
My  problem is my house won't stay clean by itself. I  discussed it  with my hubby, he said, it's ok. My daughters-in-law, and daughter,  say it's ok. But, to me, it's not ok. As I am waiting for a page  to load,  dial-up, you see; I look around and see things I should  be doing, but I don't  want to.
My question is this, would  it be unmannerly to have a House  Cleaning Party? And how often  do you think I could do it? In other words, how  often do you think  the 'guests' would fall for it?

Dear  Hard  Habit to Break:
Now your last question is more for my friend  Miss.  Manners. She knows all about etiquette ....... things which  are and are not  acceptable in polite society. I, on the other  hand, am not a polite person. Oh  no indeed. My advice would be  to take advantage of whomever you can whenever you  can.
But  that is not going to help you with your real problem. Lady you  are  addicted to the Internet!!!!! Oh I read what you said, but let's be  honest. Before you found it was something else.
Now  the other problem I see here  is.... you live amongst ENABLERS!!!!!  They will be your downfall. Now, they all say to your face  (which is facing the monitor), "It's okay. Everything  looks good."  But behind your back, which is real easy seeing as how you are  always  facing the computer.... they are rolling their eyes and wondering  how you  can sit in this filth!
Oh my!!! You are allowing  not only your daughters  and husband, but daughters-in-law to witness this horror! Now, I find it  interesting that you did  not mention the husbands of these  daughters-in-law...your sons  that is. I am wondering how their homes look....  you have taken  away your sons' only right as a man. The right to complain! The  worst thing a mother can do to her sons!!! You see everytime a  complaint is made  about laundry, dishes or the lack of dinner......well  all one of those daughters-in-law has to do is begin a  sentence with, "Well, your  mother..." and the poor lad will cower  with his tail tucked between his  legs.
Now, for a little  more practical  advice....
**Don't turn the durn thing on until you have  gotten  your house in order.... it is DIAL UP FOR GARSH SAKE!!!!! Lordy!  If I had  dial-up I would never be online... too much work. And  all that noise!!!!!!! 
ERWWWWWUUUUUUURRRRRRCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How  can you stand that!!!!! DSL is very  affordable.... why for only  pennies (well about 150 of them), you can be  connected 24-7....  think of it. Never have to hear  ERWWWWWUUUUUUURRRRRRCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  ever again! I... er um have a good friend  who has DSL and she  even hits her refresh button when she gets up for a pee  break  at night....if there are new messages she stays up another couple  of  hours. Now that is an addiction!
Poor woman.... worst case  of sleep deprivation  I've ever seen.
Have I helped you?  No? Oh well if you are going to be  addicted... get the DSL. I hear it is worth every  dollar!!!
Your's truly,
Dear Crabby

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