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An American Patriot

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In my opinion,
Whether or not the WMD are found in Iraq or some other country, makes no difference whatever.  Hussein has them under his control,  he did not destroy them.  Someday, they will be discovered, and we should all pray they are not discovered after being used on someone.
The reason I supported going into Iraq, was to get Hussein out, for the pity I felt for the people.  Cruelty to the degree he had carried it, should not ever be allowed to continue, anywhere.

I will start by saying I do not study Politics, as some do. As long as things were all right in my little part of the world, I ignored the politicians. I thought it was boring.

But, for several months, I have seen articles, or heard on the radio, things that disturb me very much. People voicing their opinions, speaking against America. I am now voicing MY opinion, Take it or leave it.

There have been articles claiming this country, America, is to blame for all the wrong in the world. How? Why? Because we are strong? Because Americans are proud? Because we love our country, and respect the Office of the President.

During a time of unrest, why would a Patriot, a true Patriot, call out to the world that their President is a war monger? Well, I am here to say, he wouldn't!

To me, that is like telling your family, your parents, or whoever raised, clothed, fed, and educated you, that you hate them. Arrogance is the problem of the individual, not America.

You get on TV, or stand in the street with signs, "My parents are cruel and selfish! They gave my hungry neighbor soup while I got steak!" Of course, this was after the steak had been eaten, and you were no longer hungry.

Why would they scream at the top of their lungs, in front of cameras, knowing the world watches, that they hate their President? I just can't understand. Do they love Saddam Hussien? They say they hate war. They say, consider the children of Iraq. Some will be killed if we go there.

Yes, some will. That is not good. But afterwards, the rest would be free. Don't they see what Hussien has done and is currently doing to the children? Don't they realize the torture is real? Children are being killed NOW.

Haven't they watched the scenes of the women getting their heads chopped off, in front of their families, in a field. Everyone in the city was REQUIRED to attend and watch and cheer as the heads rolled? This was on FILM.

The children are being tortured in front of their parents. Parts cut off, children screaming. 

The parents are unable to protest at all, lest more children are lost. They learn to keep their protests inside their own heads. Is that better than War? Can't you hear them calling out for help?  Why do you think they desparately smuggle film out of the country? They need the world to be aware of their desperation. They are not free to go on TV with a prepared script.

They are not free to carry signs and march on the Palace.

In this country, protestors are free to speak in derisive, derogatory, terms about anything they choose. Even in front of the White House. They do take advantage of it. In Iraq, they will be able only after Hussein is ousted.

Shortly ago, some Americans went to Araq to become Human Shields. They destroyed their PASSPORTS upon arrival. I suppose to show their stupidity, I really can't think of another reason to do such a stupid thing.

They were raised in America, where they are FREE to be stupid, if they chose to.

They are now learning a hard lesson. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to be anything, or do anything, except by the rulers permission, which could be taken away at his whim. These people were JAILED because they could not show who they were or where they were from. Are they protesting America now?

All right, maybe these protesters believe Hussein was not part of 9-11. That's fine. I personally believe he was, but that is my opinion. Even if he was not a part of it, what has that got to do with America going in and removing him? He is evil, even if the protesters believe he is evil only to his own.

Seems to me to be a contradiction. They say it is the people they are trying to protect.

Of course the people of Afgannistan and Iraq told us to get out. They say, "we don't want you here."  What else can they say?  They are under the thumb of their government. If they protest, they are killed, and their families are killed. They are not dumb, just helpless. Didn't you see the Afgannistan's reaction? They were happy to be free. Now, it's up to them. 

This country failed to go to war when the Jews needed help. It wasn't our fight, no.  It didn't affect us. Well, you know what happened there. When we did decide to go in, things changed.

* Sir Michael Herbert said, in 1902, "our adherence to the rule of human rights is not merely profession. Our dealings show that we reduce it to performance. Efficient fighting strength in the last, can alone be respected by a strong foreign power whose interest is violating human rights."

I see in my President, *plain common sense, so obviously sound that only the blind can fail to see the truth and only the weakest and most irresolute can fail to desire to put it into force. 

Won't the protesters realize how simple a matter it would be to let loose, in this country, vials, coffee thermos', or anything handy, of chemical and biological weapons? What of OUR children? We will keep them safer, by making the world safer.

Only as long as we stay strong, in our military might, and our love of America; as long as we have pride in our country, and help those that need it in other countries, will we stay free.


The average citizen, who has in him courage, honesty and common sense, know what freedom is. He is the backbone of America. It has always been that way.


What of Cuba? Way back before 1896? Cuba was helpless against Spain. They were being ruled harshly, when they asked America for help. The Government didn't want to go to war. The brave people of America, though, what a people we were! They saw what was happening to the people of Cuba. They wanted the Military to go in and help them. Our Government said no. The people demanded, but could not change the mind of the Government.


Until The Maine was blown up. Remember that? *American people, refusing to wait any longer in dealing with the miseries of Cuba, declared war on Spain. The final act being the treachery and cruelty of the blowing up of the Maine and her crew. PUBLIC OPINION would not be restrained. REMEMBER THE MAINE! became the battle cry. The PEOPLE demanded that justice be done, to free the Cubans.


America freed Cuba in cir.1896-97. It became a republic, free and independent. They were then taught to govern themselves. In 1902, the American flag was lowered. Cuba took her place among free nations. What she has done since, letting another dictator take charge, I can't understand. If the Cuban PEOPLE had remained strong, it couldn't have happened though, I believe. What is our battle cry? Lebanon?, the Cole?, Africa? The Trade Center? How many others?


The people are now demanding the freedom and liberation of Iraqis', who are being denied all natural rights. Their daily life is full of cruelty. America is threatened daily with sneaky, cowardly attacks of chemical and biological weapons. The kind you can not fight. You cannot protect your children from these. Who can stop them with kind words? Who thinks they will not attack if we pretend to not see the people's misery?


In the playground, who gets picked on? Who gets beat up? Who suffers the most? The boy who sobs and says "Why don't you like me? I am nice to you." Or the boy that stands up strong, with pride, and maybe carries a big stick? The one who says, "I don't want to fight, but, if you insist, come on, let's get it on!" That is the one who is respected. Like they say, nobody likes a crybaby. Nobody respects a bootlicker, they get kicked out of the way and they get walked on.

America will never be walked on, unless the people allow it. It could happen, though. Very easily. I say, watch out. Be vigilent, be proud of your country, and stand up for her. It is so hard won, and so easily lost.

Why do the protesters scream so loudly? Are they hoping their words reach Saddam Hussein, ben Laden, or whoever is jealous of our loyalty and strength. "Don't kill us! We are not against you! See, we are being disloyal to our country and our President, for you."  Perhaps they hope, when America is no more, and Hussein is in charge, that they will be remembered, and not killed also.

I hear them say 'We are protesting war', I say they are protesting America.

Don't they know, haven't they been taught? FREEDOM has a PRICE!

Where are the Patriots? Who will stand up for the rights of the oppressed? This should not be labeled as a Republican or Democrat political issue. It is a citizen issue. It should not be a 'who should be president' issue. The facts would be the same for the Iraqi people and their children, regardless of who the President was. This is not a recent way of life for them. How long must they hope for help?

Hussein is a despot. His people are desperate.

The protesters actually number only 15/100 % of 1% of the total population of my little area of the world, out of 700,000 people. I believe the Patriots are still standing strong. Thank God.


*words borrowed from the book of J. Martin Miller. The Official Handbook for all voters. The American Almanac Yearbook Cyclopedia and Atlus for 1904.


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