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Freedom of Speech

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Have you earned your freedom of speech?  Do you know where it came from?

It seems to me that people are misusing their freedom of speech.  They are using it as an excuse to be mean, rude, ignorant, and irresponsible for their actions.
They defile the American Flag by burning, soiling and dragging it through the dirt. Why are they so angry at their Country?  They do not know the History of the United States.
There are too many anti-american's teaching in the schools.  The children are not learning the essentials.
These were  questions asked of High School Grads.
Question:  Of which country did the United States obtain their freedom from?
Answers:  Uh, China or Japan, or one of those way out there.
                 It wasn't Canada, was it?
                 Duh, I don't know.
Question: Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?
Answer:    Uh, it's for the Presidents?
The schools do not teach History anymore.  Where they do, it has been revised so much, it does not represent the truth.  They are so afraid of offending they will not teach.  It has probably been going on for so long, the teachers may not know the History, as well.
I am embarrassed at the lack of knowledge our young people show today.
They have never known tyranny, or real hardship. Their hardships run in the I can't afford the seventy-five dollar sneakers, catagory.
The poor and downtrodden have always yearned to come to America.  They dream of freedom.  Most of them had no real country.  It just happened they were born elsewhere. Did they love the home country?  No. The only ties are the family members they must leave behind, and they speak the language.
In that country, they wandered in search of food for their children.  They were not landowners.  They came here because their family was hungry. They worked in their home countries for nothing. The laws were so severe, it was impossible to live.  Everything is done for the ruler/prince of the country. Or the rich landowner, who allowed the family to live on his land to work the fields.  They received not quite enough food and necessaries to last the year. They were tied there, and could not leave, for lack of means.  Slaves.
If they became ill, or died, the family was kicked off the land, or jailed for debt to the landowner.
Every country had its own religion.  People were required to worship as the government decreed. If you spoke against, or rejected it, you were killed or imprisoned.  How can you love a country that allows your children to starve? That kills you for not worshiping their way?  A country where you wander in search of food and shelter, and are imprisoned for lack of same?  A country where you were not recognized as a citizen? You had no rights.
Freedom of speech?  There was none. Right to life? No.
Here in America, the can work as hard as they choose, and keep their wages. They are free to own land, to educate themselves and their children.  They are free to worship in any way they choose.  Religion is not required. A man can take root and flourish.
America is based on freedom.  And the love of God.  God has blessed this country and her people.  That is what I believe, if you don't believe in a God, that is your right, because you are an American;  but don't require that I stop believing. It is also my right.
All are counted as citizens.  Freemen. From where do these advantages come?  From our Government.  From the Americans who dreamed and fought and died, to have a free country.
What loyalty can an emigrant have for a country where he had nothing?  His country is the one which gives him bread, protection, and land.  Everyone in America is originally from somewhere else.
The motto of all emigrants used to be 'Ubi panis ibi patria'  Where there is bread, there is one's fatherland
America held a new race of men. He left behind his ancient prejudices and manners.  He received new ones from his new mode of life.  He obeys his new government, respects it and is glad to follow its laws.  It's laws are not grevious or cruel. They are easy for an honest man to keep.  In America, a man is limited only by his imagination.
Freedom is not free.  All must be diligent and knowledgeable.  Beware of who is teaching in the schools, and what is being taught.  Those that are not Americans are coming in and changing our history in the minds of our young. 
Did you know that teachers are not to refer to the FATHERS of our country as such?  It is not Politically Correct.  PC.  What a subject.
We have had it so good, so safe, for so long, that we have forgotten what our freedom really is.  I think that is why it is being so abused in the 'freedom of speech' realms. People have to have something to fight for, or they become as
bored children.  They need the excitement of battle.
Defecating and urinating in the streets have become a 'freedom', a 'right'.  I disagree.
Public Masterbating Day was held a week or so ago.  It is their right, they said. I disagree.
Parading Naked in the streets was done.  It is their right,  I disagee.
Having Sex in the open, wherever they wish.  It is their right.  I disagree.
These are not freedom issues.  These are selfish people with no morals. Mean, nasty, ignorant, with no regard for anyone but themselves. They believe in nothing fine and good. They think everyone is like them. To those who disagree, they cry, 'it's freedom of speech!
Ask them how their freedom of speech came about, and they can't tell you.  They blame America for all the wrongs in the world. 

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