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Dream a little dream

Whether it's dreaming of e-shops to showcase and sell our creations, or just setting up a personal web site for our unique purposes--our main goal is to be successful.

We want a loyal audience that returns often and lets us know they enjoy what they see. My e-dream is to help new writers realize their e-dreams aren't as impossible as they may think.

Many writers don't care if they make money, and are content to remain amateur authors. They only want to be read.   Learning the basics of the craft is important if you hope to have your writings enjoyed by anyone but you. Encouraging feedback from other writers is very important to the fledgling writer, and if the feedback is honest it may even convince writers to submit their work to legitimate publishers to achieve a step above amateur status..

No one can teach you to write, learning is up to you; but we can pass on what we've learned.  The articles you'll find here give step-by-step, one element at a time, simple tips to learn the craft of writing.  They in no way cover everything, but they are a beginning.

The exercises are fun to do and will make writing short stories easier.  They show how a short flash story idea can be expanded into a novel.

e-dreamers have many reasons for being online, but at the top of any list is the dream to be successful. Dream your e-dreams and believe they are possible.

To Be a Writer