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Dirt Roads

About Me
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I am about to tell you some stories about my brothers and me when we were small children.  They're not boring, so I hope you take a minute to read one or two. One or two might awaken a memory in you. They're not unique,  many people of the 1940's and 50's have more or less the same story.  

My brothers may be a bit upset at me for telling the world about them, but, oh well, as they say,  at least I didn't use their real names. This time. I'm looking for pictures though.   When I get them up I hope some one recognizes them  They live in McAlester, Okla. I might sneak in a real name somewhere, Sister's are always remembered as being bratty anyway, so I feel obligated. 

I know you have stories too.  Everyone does.  I'm thinking of putting up a message board for your stories, but it depends on the interest.  

Do you remember when the rivers were clean? When the sand was white and clean along the banks, and the fool's gold was so thick you were sure that this time, the water had washed down the real stuff.  When you looked down into the water, you could see the bottom. 

I remember standing knee-deep in the water watching fish swimming among the reeds, and around my legs.  

Now, everything is dirty.  Fences went up with locks on the gates.  Warning signs are everywhere.  No Trespassing!  Stay Out! No one can take their kids to build sand castles.   No more sand in the hair, mouth and, worst of all, the pants. 

It really makes me sad to remember the day the fences went up.  Some of my favorite memories were made on the river.




What a job!

Meet Rick, Mac and Luke, left to right. Enjoying the lazy days of summer in the best way they knew how.

Normal everyday doin's of country folk who didn't miss the 'stuff' they never knew, and the kids who wondered how city kids ever had fun.