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Bits and Pieces of Errata seen on the WWW

Seen on a screen print company ad.
Quality at its best!

Couple poses are defenitely our speciality!!  Raise funds the easty way through our family portrait fundraiswers!!
Christenings, Communion, Conformations, Namings.   

I would read it.  Is it fiction or mystery?


We siblings later found our mother's body wedged between the corner and the wall.


I notice those that write rants against constructive, in-depth reviews are usually those who need them most. This post was written in response to a writer discussing reviews she considered harsh. While I'm as quick to offer sympathy for real abuse, I have little sympathy for skin that is just too thin, and can't handle any sort of criticism. It makes me wonder why they post their writing on a public writing site.

A Public Statement I couldn't resist.

I understand you feelings your undergoing as you write this. And your questioning "Who" is really qualified to reveiw. It seems anyone with a pentium chip and a keyboard is a reviewer... Unfortunately some wield this "tool" Like a double edged sword... able to send some to the locker rooms on their heart shredding quest to be "better". I have yet to find someone that uses the reviews for this end to be someone I can admire.

I admire someone who offers help selflessly to help you on Your quest to become a better writer. That gives you tools to better your skills.

Sometimes I must admit this it an uphill battle to fine those that will give us the constuctive critism that we really need. I detest those who find that stepping on your words and work to raise themselves up their pedastal.

If you would like an honest review Please feel free to contact me an I will give you one. Not for awards or pride or to make another higher mark on the reviewers forum.

Yours trully
A fellow writer

My Opinion

And they say critics are arrogant! Sheesh. Do we need to wonder why it's such an uphill battle to find constructive criticism? I have to assume that to correct spelling is 'stepping' on the writers words. Poppycock!

A note of encouragement to those who would be in-depth critiquers, but are disheartened by all the comments against the practice. Choose your items carefully. Choose only those items that specifically ask for honesty and just do it. You will find that 99% didn't know what they were asking for, but if you gave them an honest critique, with an honest rate - good for you! Remind them what they asked for by copy/pasting their request to the beginning of the review.

Review many, but save the hard critiques for those special writers that know the value of your time and work. All of the criticism given to my reviews are from people like the above, the bystanders who don't understand the process.

Ignore the jibes and snide remarks as much as possible. It is impossible to give constructive criticism without stepping on a few words, that's the damn purpose of the job!


A Question and the Answer, according to me.

Q. I hesitate to review writers in my group because I've heard advice that the quality of a reviewer's writing be considered before his suggestions are taken seriously. I'm not the best writer on the planet, so...
Is it true that a good editor needs to be a good writer?

A. No, it's not true that you need to be a good writer of fiction in order to be a good editor, but it helps.   Editors need an eye for detail and a strong knowledge of grammar.   Editors need to know the rules of the craft, and how to apply the elements.  This doesn't mean that they can write a pleasing piece of fiction. This works both ways.  A great writer can have terrible grammar or spelling.   That's why they need trustworthy reviewers.